Heroes & Fantasies

Their Issue
Heroes and Fantasies, San Antonio, TX.

This well respected firm of almost 30 years, a leading provider of games like Yu-Gi-Oh and comic books, was looking for a mobile app solution  for Iphone, Ipad and Android markets.  They had gone to a provider who, in almost a year, had only been able to provide them with artwork or pictures of what a mobile app would look like...but no actual functioning app in ALMOST A YEAR!   

The Streamlined Solution!

After listening to the clients needs and concerns, wthin 3 days, Streamlined Ingenuity, LLC produced a mobile app for the Android, Ipad and Iphone devices that was functional!  In 3 weeks the mobile apps were deployed and live in the Apple and Android stores ready for use by customers.  We heard Heroes and Fantasies and are happy to have them as our customer partner!


Kwik Kar of Plano, Plano, TX/title

Their Issue

When Kwik Kar of Plano decided that a mobile solution would be beneficial to bring them onto the cutting edge of mobile app development.  They were looking for a solution that would allow them to curtail some of their paper marketing costs and allow their customers to schedule service appointments and create and electronic loyalty card.  They didn’t like having to pay for loyalty cards or pay another company to keep up with their coupons.

Our Solution

Streamlined understood the issue.  We developed the Kwik Kar of Plano app that allows the customer to schedule an appointment, be found if their car breaks down, and receive valuable coupons on available in the app.  In the first month 100’s of people were exposed to and downloaded the new mobile app.  The owner is now able to send electronic coupons to customers, which helps give his sales a lift.  The loyalty card program is now digitally stored on Streamlined Ingenuity’s servers and the customer has a digital card in their smartphone.  They no longer have to worry about forgetting or losing it and Kwik Kar can maintain a loyal customer base with no additional fees like plastic cards or printing loyalty cards or coupons.